Communication between brain areas based on nested oscillations

Communication between brain areas based on nested oscillations

eNeuro, 10 March 2017, 4(2). This might be neuroscientific evidence for my speculations on the syntegration of consciousness states and stages via meditative discipline. To be determined. The abstract:

“Unraveling how brain regions communicate is crucial for understanding how the brain processes external and internal information. Neuronal oscillations within and across brain regions have been proposed to play a crucial role in this process. Two main hypotheses have been suggested for routing of information based on oscillations, namely communication through coherence and gating by inhibition. Here, we propose a framework unifying these two hypotheses that is based on recent empirical findings. We discuss a theory in which communication between two regions is established by phase synchronization of oscillations at lower frequencies, which serve as temporal reference frame for information carried by higher frequency activity. Our framework, consistent with numerous recent empirical findings, posits that cross-frequency interactions are essential for understanding how large-scale cognitive and perceptual networks operate.”

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Paul Watson

Ed, Tell me what you think about the idea that limbic system based “value systems” (sensu Edelman) that keep track of of close fitness-related needs, ultimately are in control of interaction between brain regions (in developmental time and real time)? Perhaps this is true for both the regions participating in the “reentry” processes that may underlie conscious thought/experience, as well as unconscious information processing. Either way, these limbic regulatory mechanisms would have a lot of control over our “adaptively subjective dream world.

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