Following are some resources to aid you in learning more about brain, mind, consciousness, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and related topics. Send recommendations for additional resources to (please include a relevance statement for each recommended resource).

Resource Relevance Tags
Brain Preservation Foundation Develops tools and techniques for preserving brains with enough fidelity to support digital cloning brain imaging, brain physiology, brain preservation, brain sectioning, transhumanism
Flow Genome Project Advances flow science and we train people and organizations to harness flow in their lives and work. brain functions, consciousness, flow, peak performance
Frontiers in … (neuroscience related journals) Frontiers is a collection of open-access academic journals. The search link on the left will display links to all Frontiers journals that are relevant to neuroscience.  
Frontiers in Neuroscience “The convergence of novel molecular and optical techniques paves the way to the era of “causation neuroscience,” whereby many thousands of cells composing the system studied can be recorded from and manipulated in a very specific manner (e.g. via “optogenetics”) and the behavioral and functional consequences of these manipulations explored in vivo. It is also a new era of “anatomical neuroscience” – as recently developed techniques, both at the whole-brain level (“connectome”) and the local circuit and synaptic level (“connectomics”) become more widely used. These approaches allow us to link [the] structure of specific brain regions and local circuits to function more astutely. New research fields have recently emerged, e.g. “neuroeconomics” and “neuroenergetics.” In addition, and critically, in our information-generating world, new informatics-based methods are being developed to store the enormous amount of new “big data” in a systematic manner, for data-preservation, data-mining and for extracting key information from these data. And, importantly, theoretical and computational approaches are being developed for integrating this diverse data and for deriving principles of brain operations that may otherwise lie hidden within the intricacies of brain circuits.” behavior, brain, brain imaging, brain structures, causation, cognition, cognitive science, connectome, neuroeconomics, neurogenetics, neuroscience, optogenetics, 
Global Consciousness Project Uses statistical analysis of possible correlations between global events and deviations in number streams from random number generators to assess the hypothesis that “Coherent consciousness creates order in the world.” consciousness, random number generators, research design, statistical analysis, transpersonal phenomena
H+ (Humanity Plus)  “an international nonprofit membership organization that advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities.”  augmentation, transhumanism
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) “committed to addressing complex societal challenges by advancing education and research at the intersection of statistics, data science, information and decision systems, and social sciences.”  data, data analytics, data science, decision science, information systems, social sciences, statistics
Kurzweil AI Covers new ideas and daily progress in science + technology that are changing the nature of being human artificial intelligence, brain, augmentation, biotech, computation, electronics, materials science, nanotechnology, pattern recognition, robotics, virtual reality
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Develops mathematical models and algorithms to reduce the probability of destructive AI artificial intelligence, risk analysis, existential risks
Medium | Neuroscience “Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives.” behavior, brain, consciousness, neuroscience
Nature “Nature Research is here to serve the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries—findings that advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today. Our journals publish not only primary research but also reviews, critical comment, news and analysis.” biology, brain science, neuroscience, physics, and other research domains
Neuroscience News An independent (no conflicts of interest) science news website focusing mainly on neuroscience and other cognitive sciences. We scour news sources from universities, labs, news agencies, scientists, science publishers, and other science departments. We post full articles, releases, abstracts, and sometimes full research journal papers on our site. brain, cognition, neuroscience, research
Open Mind Discover with almost 200 world-class authors, academic scholars and popularizers of the online world, the great challenges of science, technology, economics and business, the environment and the humanities. … help us build an open community that is accessible to all. aeronautics, astrophysics, biology, biomedicine, general science, genetics, mathematics, medicine, technology, physics
Rodney Brooks The renowned robotics expert makes innovation predictions and tracks their accuracy artificial intelligence, automation, future, robotics
Sentient Potential Site dedicated to positive psychology (the science of happiness and its supporting technologies) augmentation, happiness, psychology, technology
Singularity Hub Singularity Hub chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs, players, and issues shaping the future augmentation, artificial intelligence, future, singularity, virtual reality
Society for Reality-Based Thinking “A great many problems are caused by thinking that does not jibe with reality. The best solution, therefore, is for individuals to learn how to think realistically as a sustained habit.” argumentation, critical thinking, cognitive bias, fact-based reasoning, problem-solving, rationality
Quillette Quillette is a platform for free thought. We respect ideas, even dangerous ones. We also believe that free expression and the free exchange of ideas help human societies flourish and progress. Quillette aims to provide a platform for this exchange.” Note: BMAI’s editors have not fully assessed this outlet for content quality. Please report any perceived issues with bias or knowledge claim validity. science, technology, politics

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