Is a carb-free diet good for brain function?

Is a carb-free diet good for brain function?

An article in Wired cites two studies that show carb-free diets improved the memories and extended the lives of lab mice. While there are many DIY human experiments underway, scientific trials are needed to clarify the effects of ketogenic diets on people.

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This article raises some questions for me. Proponents of a ketogenic diet rarely promote a plant based approach. Instead they promote a diet high in animal protein. As a result the diet is also high in animal saturated fats. Considering these points leads me to the following questions: Were the diets in the two studies plant or animal based? Who funded the two studies? Have the studies been peer reviewed by medical and nutritional researchers who conduct studies on the effects of animal proteins and animal fats on: the cardio vascular system, the pancreas and insulin resistance, vascular dementia, alzheimers,… Read more »

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