Differences in liberal and conservative bias

Differences in liberal and conservative bias

Thanks to Normalanga for sending this study to me,  in which participants were paid to read opposing political Twitter feeds for a month. The results were that conservatives were “substantially more conservative” after the experiment, while liberals were “slightly more liberal […] though none of these effects were statistically significant.” It is obvious that liberal and conservative bias is on an asymmetrical scale.

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Paul Watson

I have only had time to read Ed’s summary and the original article’s Abstract. It is interesting to have data backing up theory, but from an evolutionary perspective on the liberal versus conservative mindsets, the results were predictable. (Maybe the authors predicted them this way?) The conservative mindset is one adapted to having a limited array of social partners, ideologically united, that dependably take good care of you. So, when exposed to ideas that threaten a conservative individual’s ability to tow the in-group’s ideological line convincingly, the conservative mind should throw up defenses and double down on status quo beliefs.… Read more »

Paul Watson

Regarding our upcoming April meeting: I am watching the first video. It confirms my personal prediction that humans will be plugged in directly and seamlessly to the “Internet of Things.” I have always wanted to get it on with “Things.” Be, one of them Things. // As a side-project, maybe we should work together to develop a great IoT stock portfolio. That way we or our children will be able to afford the first generation of truly functional neuroprostheses. Ones that don’t come (like the cheaper Kindles) with advertising or embedded government thought surveillance firmware. // Does anybody like the… Read more »

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