Embodied philosophy in a nutshell

Embodied philosophy in a nutshell

In this 4-minute clip Lakoff summarizes how philosophy is changed by cognitive science. Particular philosophies get attached to a root metaphor (or blend) that entails certain premises and conclude that it is reality in toto without going further to understand that other metaphors entail different premises with equally logical conclusions. The embodied thesis helps us understand how our body-minds work to correct many of philosophy’s metaphysical assumptions while providing a postmetaphysical frame for an empirical, embodied and multifarious philosophy.

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M Harris

I’ll have to dig into your previous posts (and Lackoff’s books) more before it is clear to me. At a very high level, I hear him saying each concept (government, democracy, etc.) has its own unique frame (which I assume is a context) and that concepts interact with each other in specific ways that can’t be fully understood without application of a particular analytic technique. Obviously, this is more than we can expect of the average blogger or Facebook commenter, but I do know Lackoff’s insights were applied by right-wing perception manipulators during the past several election cycles. Those who… Read more »

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